Who’s MissTravelous?

by Miss Travelous

Hello, Ciao, Hola, Bon jour, Privet, Ia Orana,

Yes I am in love with travel, culture, event planning, planning destination weddings, and creating Taylor Made Travel Xperiences To Fit Your Lifestyle. I have been an accountant, domestic & international for over 23 years and during that time created & implemented a travel program for a software company that grew from 50 employees to over 200. With this xperience came my love of working in the travel industry. When the best boss I could ever ask for decided to leave the company we were working at, I decided I needed more & needed to feel like I was able to make a difference so I jumped and left the security of a 6 figure income and I created Taylor & Co. Travel.

Did I plan to do it that way?  Definitely not, but things don’t always go as planned.  Was it scary, oh yes.  Was it stupid, some may think so because after being cheated out of a very large year-end bonus that would have become a nest egg and funded my travel business, I started with nothing.  I like to think it was the first & best thing that I ever did for myself.  I have always done everything around what my daughters needed.  I rarely did anything for myself.  My youngest daughter was a gymnast from the age of 3 so everything revolved around that.  When she went to college I relocated from Maryland to Auburn because my oldest daughter needed some tough love that I knew I wouldn’t be able to give living in the same town. This was to be a short pitstop on my way to St. Pete Beach Florida, but I’m still here in Auburn with a few business bucket list items I would like to accomplish here before making my way to those gorgeous beaches & sunsets in St. Pete Beach.

I 💜 Auburn University Football, Basketball, and Swimming & Diving.  I have never missed an IronBowl in Auburn since my daughter came to college in 2013 and the famous Kick 6 xperience will forever be one of my fondest memories.  I 💜 the Redsox.  I 💜 Bora Bora, it is my favorite destination.  It is the only destination that has ever brought me to tears and taken my breath away.  You might enjoy reading one of my blog posts about my trip to this life-changing destination.  I 💜 to xperience everything with my daughters and am 💜ing planning my daughter’s destination wedding in Charleston, SC.  I 💜 Tiffany & Co and all things that come in a little blue box.  I 💜 the beach & collecting seashells on every beach I visit.  I 💜 technology and learning new platforms that make my agency a front runner in the industry.  I 💜 teaching.   I 💜 learning.  I 💜 hotel living.  I would 💜 to own a motor home and travel around the US.  I 💜 Bravo.  I 💜 Jennifer Lopez – she is my muse.  I 💜 Couples Retreat & Maid In Manhattan.  I 💜 A Million Little Things.  I 💜 Princess Diana.  I 💜 writing and hope to write a book one day.    I 💜 the color purple & Tiffany blue.  I 💜 creativity.  I 💜 my blog MissTravelous and hope to find the time to keep growing it into a go-to travel, wedding, & liefstyle resource. I 💜 helping people. I 💜 travel and cultural xperiences.  I 💜 creating xperiences that leave my clients in awe.  I am a positive thinker, determined human, a believer that all things are possible, have a never give up attitude, and even after my abusive past, still believe in happily ever after!!

As a single mom when I think back to raising my 2 daughters I realized that my fondest memories were from our vacations and trips that we had taken over the years & I wanted to help others create memories like we did & this love carries over into my Agency. Planning my own wedding for 300+ people & all of the corporate events when I worked as an accountant sparked a love for event planning so it was a natural fit to add destination weddings & event planning as a division of Taylor & Co. Travel I am great at doing the impossible.  I have a knack for just making it work.  There is always a way, it just might take some creative thinking, thinking that was developed through 23 years as an accountant.

In my short time as an agency owner, I have realized a few dreams come true:

I am a travel writer for one of the leading industry publications, Agent at Home Magazine.  I have been writing the Work At Home column since August 2016 and am honored that I am able to share my thoughts about something I have been doing before “working at home” was even a thing.  For as long as I can remember I have been traveling with a laptop.  I would sit at gymnastics meets and work in between routines.  It was my trademark and what I was known for especially during tax season.  Multi-tasking and working efficiently on the go enabled me to be an involved mom and great at my job.  Being able to share my successes & failures with fellow agents is very gratifying.  Thinking that even one person might find value in what I have to say is amazing.  Guest writing blog posts and articles for various blogs & fashion & lifestyle magazines allows me to share the creative side of my writing, shining light on other aspects of travel such as planning events & destination weddings to the latest travel must-haves, trends, the hottest destinations and promoting eco-friendly companies.  Do you have a blog, magazine, or newsletter that includes traveling (everyone should include travel), reach out I would love to write an article for your audience.

I am an industry speaker.  I speak at travel agent conferences in the US and internationally, speaking about everything from technology, social media marketing, email marketing, growing your business, and of course accounting and processes to set a business up for success.

I am an industry trainer.  Working with Agent Studio, a website platform, and a division of Travalliance Media the leading source for travel news in the industry & news sector, providing webinars that train agents on how to use the platform, other travel technologies, and agency best practices to ensure travelers are receiving the best service & xperience possible from agents within the industry.

I am an award winner.  Winning a Traavy Award – the industries equivalent to the Oscars, in 2018 for Marketer Of The Year.  Honored beyond words.  Yeah, that’s right, an accountant turned marketer.  Rather ironic because as an accountant, the marketing department was the bane to my existence because they always spent a lot of money & never turned in receipts!! 😊

I am your travel agent.  My accounting xperience has created attention to detail that is second to none.  Just ask my agents, they all see first hand when they are training how OCD I am about the details.  This is what will make your travel xperience unlike any other you will have previously had and will show you what you have to look forward to during all future trips & events that we plan for you.  I am like a fine gem, with many facets.  My creative side is never-ending and going the xtra mile is not an option, it is a must and it is my honor to work with you creating Taylor Made Travel Xperiences To Fit Your Lifestyle.  Nothing makes me happier than xceeding your xpectations!!

Taylor & Co Travel is the premier travel agency offering competitive pricing, xclusive booking amenities, travel planning services, and online self-booking capabilities. We specialize in luxury, leisure, family, destination weddings, honeymoons, leisure, specialty/celebration trips, groups, incentive, cruises, corporate travel, and event planning.

If you can dream, we can make your dream a reality and create you a Taylor Made Travel Xperience To Fit Your Lifestyle. We are experts that incorporate your likes, interests, and reasons for traveling into every xperience and event that we plan for you.

At Taylor & Co Travel we take your travel and client service xperiences to the next level and value the client-advisor interaction as one of the most important aspects of travel planning. Our advisors are xperienced in their respective travel areas and can be relied on before, during, and after your trip.

Our out of the box way of thinking and partnership with technology will provide you with an unforgettable Taylor Made Travel Xperience from thought to memory.

Dreaming is free, Dream Bigger Than Big, Reach For the Stars & You Just might land somewhere in the Fabulous Milky Way!!

Stay Tuned for the Next Adventure in Life, Travel, & Business.

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