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So was up until midnight packing for my first ever trip to Vegas, #VegasVirgin so many choices, what was a girl to do but to pack it all.  And I had 2 1/2 pounds to spare!!!  That’s for all those purchases at  You know it is going to be a great trip when your driver’s first question was do you know

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Southwest Airlines Flight Expansion

This is GREAT news for all my Southwest lovers out there.  I personally love the Nashville – Atlanta additions and the nonstop LA – Tampa routes.  Southwest remains to be a favorite airline with a lot of travelers mainly because you don’t have cancellation or change fees and two bags fly free so this is undoubtedly an announcement worth cheering!!!

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Lizzy James – Handmade in the USA

When I travel, what I hate the most is packing, but yet I have to be fabulously fashionable.  One of the pieces that I love to pack is my Lizzy James wrap bracelets & necklaces.  I can mix & match them will all of my outfits and wear them as bracelets & necklaces allowing me to change up my style

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Dipstick Doesn’t Book With Stoke Travel For Running Of The Bulls

#XperienceTravelTheTaylorWay Travelling cretin, Jake Sampson, 28, has confirmed his status as an absolute dummy by not booking with Stoke Travel for 2018’s Running of the Bulls festival. The A-grade moron appears to have weighed up his options and decided that it was in his best interests to book with an inferior company, despite Stoke Travel clearly offering more and charging

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What Are Your Travel Resolutions?

This is the year to put yourself first and make health & wellness a priority. Have you planned your wellness getaway for 2018? Book a Spa & Wellness resort for travel in 2018 and receive a SpaFinder gift card (value based on booking total).  Whether you are traveling with a group of friends, planning your bachelorette party, planning a mother

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