I little glimpse of Italy is Fabulous!

Picturesque coast, romantic stone castles, postcard vineyards, fashionable streets, plunging mountains……..this is Italy.

It’s Worth The Effort

It’s worth the effort if…..

True By Nature

authentic destinations across the Indian Ocean.
From luxurious glitz to Robinson Crusoe escape

One Big Resort

You haven’t traveled until you have xperienced a Taylor Made itinerary by the xceptional Taylor & Co. Travel Advisors

Xperience Grand Oasis Palm

Xperience The Difference

Destination of the Day….Amalfi Coast

Destination of the Day…..Amalfi Coast – Xcite your senses and arouse your curiosity

Today’s Take….Who They Are!

Relish in what is called the Cook Islands

Largest Plane Performs Crab Landing – What???

Largest Plane Performs Crab Landing say What??????

Are You In The Mood Yet?

Are You In The Mood Yet? I’m sure you have been asked this many times…………

Tahiti – The Dream Vacation

Laorana, Did someone say Tahiti – Yes Please!!! In celebration of our trip to Tahiti next week I thought it was only fitting to post a little sneak peak video about the magical island.