Pura Vida – Pure Life!!!!

Have you ever been to Costa Rica and seen the many vendors selling cute bracelets and jewelry around the towns and along the beaches?

Just A Splash of Color!!

A splash of pink, a splash of yellow, a splash of blue

What’s In A Bag???

Have you ever been in need of that perfect bag or accessory and just can’t find it? Then you haven’t looked here……

It’s ALL About The Towel!!

Summer style isn’t limited to cover ups & swim suits.

Style Envy On A Budget!!!

As someone who love, love, loves fashion I am always looking for great finds

So Long Victoria’s Secret

As swimsuit season approaches Shop The Trend…………

Wine Wednesday

Make that sunset a little extra special with these Wine Wednesday travelous finds available at Uncommon Goods

Do I Really Have To……….

Pack?  It’s an exciting time, you are going on a week long trip to the caribbean.  The thoughts of relaxing on a beach cabana, warm ocean breezes blowing in your face, crystal azul waters, and a tall frozen drink in hand are filling your head and bring a smile to your face. Then you hear […]