Supplier Showcase with Project Expedition

Are you an agent that struggles with forming those coveted relationships with suppliers?  Are you looking to grow you supplier network?

Join our owner, Miki Taylor of Taylor & Co. Travel today at 4pm EST as she hosts the weekly Agent Studio Supplier Showcase with Rob Keen from Project Expedition.

See how Project Expedition is changing the game in the Tours & Excursions sector of the travel industry, learn how you can work with them directly and build that coveted supplier – agent relationship and how having an Agent Studio website allows you to seamlessly maximize this relationship through your marketing, website, and Travefy itineraries. Lots of exciting information. Don’t wait, register now space is limited. #Independent #TravelAgents #SupplierPartnerships #GrowYourAgency

Don’t have an Agent studio website, you can start your free trial today, use code TAYLOR and receive Miki’s how to’s with Agent Studio to take your business to the next level!!!