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Supplier Showcase with Seadream Yacht Club

As we are embarking on Summer 2018 I am excited to share that I am starting a new webinar series with Agent Studio, The Supplier Showcase.  It isn’t any secret that Agent Studio has been one of my key partners as I have grown my agency and we often use my agency as a template to help other agents grow their business.  Over the years supplier relationships/partnerships have been another instrumental key in the growth of my agency so Agent Studio and I wanted to assist agents with the development of their business and their supplier relationships.

Today we kick-off our supplier showcase with Allison Haynes & Seadream Yacht Club.  Sign up here to join us at 3:00pm eastern time to learn about Seadream Yacht Club, how this relationship can increase your business, and the role Agent Studio plays.

It’s Called Yachting not cruising, Enjoy The Difference!!!

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