So was up until midnight packing for my first ever trip to Vegas, #VegasVirgin so many choices, what was a girl to do but to pack it all.  And I had 2 1/2 pounds to spare!!!  That’s for all those purchases at logo

You know it is going to be a great trip when your gt-logo1driver’s first question was do you know who Bear Bryant is.  Second question Shug Jordan?  Third question do you ride theBAVWBdKCMAA3tNJ  After all of that it can’t be anything but a great trip!!!  Excited to be serving as a panelist at the Travel Agent Forum during the Technology Bootcamp sessions tomorrow.  I truly couldn’t function without technology so it is a great fit for me to serve on this panel and share how technology has aided in growing my travel business.

After arriving in Atlanta and make my way to the gate,  atlanta snapchat.jpg I find myself surrounded by many people that have never flown before so I’m not sure if I should run down to the closest bar and do a few shots  before boarding. spirityellow I am once again flying Spirit and I believe there isn’t such a thing as wifi on these planes so I brought a great book to read “True Love” by Jennifer Lopez.  I have read it before and loved it but since then went through the journey of falling out of love with myself but as true loveI have found this one True Love again, I thought it fitting to give the book a second read!!!   If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest that you do.  I love it so much I gave everyone in the family this book for Christmas one year because everyone should find that one True Love – You!! true love gift
It is almost time to pack up and take off into the friendly skies.  My expectations are that the next few days/nights will be filled lots of entertainment!!!  Stay tuned to see if I’m right!!!


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