What Is Your Business Card Saying?

Someone once said to me, business cards are a thing of the past, a waste of money.  We are in the age of digital, why do we need business cards?  Well, you can be the norm and buy a basic business card like most people do, you know, the cheaper the better; even go the “print your own” route or you can use business cards as a great marketing tool, that  make a lasting first impression.


It’s Hip To Be Square!

I chose the latter and that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Everyone that knows me knows that I don’t like to be the norm. When I updated my business cards that was no exception.  I partnered with the best, MOO.  Not even sure how I came across this company but I ordered a business card sample pack and instantly became obsessed with their DIFFERENT business card styles.  Business cards just grew up!!!!   The options at MOO are endless.   Having everything from business cards to notebooks, it is so hard to contain myself when I am on their website because I could go crazy buying branded products.

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The images of my cards don’t do them justice but they are on point and represent my brand very well.  I recently went to the NY Times Travel show and handed out a lot of business cards.  I didn’t hand out one card that didn’t bring a reaction and/or comment about how nice my business cards were.  My cards made an impression and so did I.  Business cards aren’t a thing of the past.  Buy wisely and create a business card that compliments your brand and makes people remember who you are!!!

Don’t miss out on a great marketing opportunity with your business cards.  Partner with the best and make a difference.  MOO  will definitely create a lasting impression for you and your brand!!!  Don’t be forgotten buy a grown up business card!!! Visit MOO today and receive 20% off your first order!!

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