Eating Healthy on The Go

I have always loved to cook, but lets be honest, it takes up a lot of time.  You have to peruse Pinterest, the internet, and your recipe box to pick your meals for the next few days.  Check your cupboards and the fridge while making your shopping list and don’t forget the chaos at the grocery store or stores 313_2PRE07_Sage_Buttered_Chicken_27545_WEB_SQ_hi_res
if your favorite doesn’t have everything you need to make the meals your mouth is watering for.  Then don’t forget the prep & cooking of the meal.  It all sounds very exhausting to me and I don’t know about you, but I really don’t have that kind of time to make delicious, healthy, fresh meals everyday.  That’s why I’ve turned to Blue Apron to keep my healthy eating on track and my car out of the drive-through.

Why not let someone else take care of finding the recipes and doing the grocery shopping?  0219_2PM_Beef-Medallions_1248_Center_high_menu_thumbWhen you are only left with answering the door and being the chef this all becomes very doable and efficient.

Blue Apron makes a great gift for someone who just needs a helping hand, Do you know someone like that?  Send them dinner and make their day!!!

Give it a try with this discount of $30 off and stay tuned for future posts on how I’m eating healthy, getting fit and Feeling Fabulous!!!


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