A Las Vegas Wedding: Concetta and Gaobain


HOP_3740On Thursday, September 14, 2017, Concetta and Gaobain were married in an intimate ceremony at MEET Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Concetta and Gaobain met over 27 years ago in a Chicago bar where Concetta was tending bar. They shared their first kiss the day they met, thanks to a dare from Concetta’s sister. However, it was about a year before Gaobain asked Concetta out on their first date. Things moved quickly after that. They were engaged the same year, and on March 23, 1992, they went to the courthouse and were married. After 14 years of marriage, sickness and life got in the way and they divorced. Although they split apart, they never stopped loving each other and kept in contact regularly. If only took a year before they both realized they could not live without the other and Gaobain proposed again.


This family is no stranger to illness, as Concetta has battled cancer more than once. But, in 2010, Gaobain was diagnosed with renal failure and congestive heart failure. While on the transplant list waiting for a kidney, Gaobain was advised that even if he found a match, his heart would be too weak for surgery. As a result, Concetta drives him to dialysis three times a week and tries to keep him comfortable and take his mind off of things. When asked what Gaobain likes most about Concetta he said, “everything, she is always there no matter what”, and that is exactly where she intends to stay for the rest of his life.


“I can’t lose this man, he is my soulmate. He has such a big heart and he is always there for others” said Concetta. With his prognosis, the couple wanted a day away from the illness and that is exactly what they received as they married for the second time.


Being from Chicago originally, Gaobain is a huge Cubs fan, and along with his suit he proudly wore his Chicago Cubs baseball hat. Our wonderful chapter managed to arrange a video message from Cubs player Kris Bryant, as a surprise to the couple. In addition to the Cubs, Concetta and Gaobain also love Elvis. Their next surprise came when Elvis showed up at their reception and put on a short performance.


The couple’s smiles spanned ear to ear as they danced and laughed with close friends and family.  They both agree that at on this special day, year 27 feels just as exciting as year one. They are both looking forward to spending whatever time they have left side by side, hand in hand.


A special thank you to our Las Vegas Chapter and amazing Wish Granters for helping to make this wedding day wonderful:

Venue: MEET Las Vegas

Catering: Divine Events

Planner: Scheme Events

Photography: Harry O Productions

Flower Wall: Rock Paper Bloom

Floral: Destinations By Design

DJ: Livinh Events

Videography: Newfly Films

Baker: Peridot Sweets

Officiant: Rev Phil York

Beauty: Glam Squad 702

Backdrop: Starry Eyed Events

Lounge Furniture: LED Unplugged

Pipe and Drape: Quest Events

Elvis: The Mobile Minister

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