Experience Jamaica Like You’ve Never Before


If you’re looking for the perfect holiday destination, make sure to visit the new Excellence Oyster Bay to be located in the Montego Bay area


Why Jamaica? Well. Maybe because we just can’t stop thinking about the naturally graced location that this Caribbean island has. Its tropical weather and refreshing winds that set the perfect climate for the ideal getaway.

Their cultural and warmth people, and of course the locally sourced and irresistible cuisine are one of the most inviting touches that visitors will seek and definitely enjoy during their stay.Aeria_cam_02_v07

Knowing the pleasant and variety for the climate in the area, in Jamaica you surely will find a superb scenery of majestic mountains, verdant hills, crystalline waters, and a fine coastline of outstanding beaches edging the turquoise sea, like the famous waters of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Falmouth.

Located in a natural and effortlessly secluded peninsula, the upcoming Luxury first Adults-Only resort of its kind in Jamaica features a tranquil and conveniently private beach with spectacular views from the calm turquoise waters and mangrove lagoons surrounding. The one and only lagoon of Glistening Waters.


Like a touch of magic, these Glistening Waters have been attracting tourists from all over the world to admire the water literally glowing in the dark. A “very cool” effect created through bioluminescence. Fortunately, this magnificent phosphorescence occurs throughout the year so it’s a must-see during your visit to Jamaica.


What about the beach?


The Excellence Oyster Bay will be bordered by the crystal blue waters over a long stretch of powdered sand beach, like the famous Negril soft and wide ones, and the aforementioned Glistening Waters on the other side. You’ll love seeing the skyline changing with the color shades of the sunset. Pure paradise!

Once called Xaymaca, “the land of wood and water”, the country has experienced a colonial history with Spanish, French and English remnants that reflects on the legacy that its habitants embrace through the Jamaican food culture.


Eating the traditional food of Jamaica is a must when you are here! Make sure you taste the very representative “Jerk Chicken”, chicken pieces marinated and blended in hot spices cooked on smoked wooden; the Curry Goat, Rice and peas, Bammy, Dumplings, Ackee and saltfish, Jamaican Patties, just to name a few.

We definitely can’t wait for Excellence Oyster Bay to open its doors on 1st of June 2018. Its idyllic location in the Montego Bay area will enamor you with impressive panoramic ocean front views, 48 Excellence Club Oceanfront Beach-Houses with Private Pool, eight restaurants and nine bars on site, plus the signature Excellence service that distinguish us.

Look no further and visit Jamaica for an incredible luxury experience. Stunning beach sunsets await you!

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