Weddings & Parties @ GoldenEye, Jamaica


GoldenEye is all about spectacular settings and intimate, personal experiences. That’s probably why GoldenEye is one of those places where couples choose to marry. The sea view peninsulas, Low Cay and Fleming Villa are only a few of the stunning locations for exchanging vows. But just as remarkable, so we’re told, is that the people who work at GoldenEye just… “get it.”  We get that our guests are creative and sophisticated and that they have a have a certain sense of style—a  taste level that demands what feels true and authentic. And that’s why we’ll devote ourselves to specific details—from the best musicians to cake that we’ll commission from the island’s most talented baker. In other words, we’ll work on creating a wedding that’s as unique as the vision you have in your mind.
Parties and Bashments
Party? Bashment? Actually, those two words mean the same thing. “Bashment”is the Jamaican patois for a great event. And, like weddings, we know how to pull off extraordinary events—birthdays, anniversaries,  family gatherings or business events. Tell us what you have in mind. We’ll make sure that it’s unforgettable.
For more information phone 1-888-489-6465

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