European River Cruises… Off the Beaten Path


Cruising Europe’s rivers puts the “grand” back in today’s Grand Tour.

Lugging luggage, once left to valets and lady’s maids, is no longer your problem. And, as all experienced travelers know, weighty luggage is a problem that only gets weightier as souvenirs accumulate.

On your European River cruise, you can stow your stuff in your cabin’s drawers and closets and leave the toiletries on the shelf.

You’re not just on a boat, after all, you are in a floating hotel.

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With many of Europe’s historical sites and famous art close to where you dock, you can go at your pace – or skip an excursion and enjoy drinks on the sun deck or read a book in a lounge.

Excursions are arranged at each port according to the town’s particular treasures and the area’s most popular venues.

The Adriatic Cruise includes Croatia’s most magical places including the famous city of Dubrovnik, an island park with five types of forests, Omis with its pirate fort, Split with its glamorous seafront promenade and the decadent Emperor Diocletian’s palace, Hvar with Europe’s first public theater – older than the Globe in London founded by Shakespeare, and much more. Some stops along the way are for swimming or wading in some of Croatia’s loveliest beaches.

When you go off the beaten path, leave your money belt and worries about pickpockets in your cabin’s safe. With just enough money for the day and a credit card, you will not miss an opportunity to own that perfect memento or gift.

Choose your own European River Cruise adventure!

On a European river cruise, you are in charge of your vacation.

Prefer to sunbathe on the deck or take an afternoon nap in your cabin? Exploring each city is optional. And, you don’t have to find a place to eat, just your way to the dining room. Plus, you don’t have to do research to find out which activities are best for you at any given port. The program director will explain your options.

Packing, never anyone’s favorite sport once a destination is reached, is another one-time chore.
And here is a tip: buy a tote bag from a local artisan so you won’t have to carry the items you have accumulated in a plastic bag or smash them when you sit on your suitcase.

Looking for another fun cruise? Try the PBS GardenSMART Holland and Belgium Rhine River Cruise, perfect for gardeners, history buffs, and anyone loving travel.

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