Crystal Symphony Cruise Director Shane Morley shares the latest insights from her most extensive dry dock redesign ever. Beyond the beautiful, the ship is also enjoying a technological makeover, which means more convenience and entertainment for you, our valued guests.

All around Crystal Symphony we are getting a major technical upgrade. Miles of cable are being pulled though all the nooks and crannies behind the walls and into the staterooms. This will support an all new interactive TV system in all of the staterooms, Penthouses & Penthouse Suites. The same system will also incorporate movies and music on demand, so you can watch, listen and dance in the comfort of your stateroom at your leisure.

This technical upgrade is not limited to the private spaces of the ship. Many public spaces are also being upgraded and fitted with the latest technological capabilities. The Starlight Club’s new color palette is taking form in variegated tones of dark blue, silver and teal. This is extending throughout the newly upholstered seating and the carpets. In the upper bar area there is be a more residential feel starting to emerge, and all around the room they are re-wallpapering in a beautiful gun-metal gray.

There are new cables being installed in the Starlight Club as well, four to be exact, they run between the sound and lighting booth where we have installed the newest release Yamaha digital sound board, and will support new HD digital video capability. This will complement the existing already robust Meyer sound system in the room.

When you walk into the Galaxy Lounge, you notice many things at the moment. One is that it is all covered in plastic and specialized covering equipment, done by all of the hard-working covering teams under the direction of Food and Beverage Manager Tayfun Aybar. This has been done to protect the decor that is not being redesigned.

Also notice the impressive number of different projects going on in this space alone. There are the carpenters working on the stage and refreshing the surface for our performers, while contractors pull cables from the soundboard to the stage box. This will allow audio signals to be sent from the new digital soundboard to the stage and vice versa. Four cables are being pulled from the technical booth in the Galaxy Lounge on Deck 6 to the Broadcast Center (BCC), located all the way up on Deck 10 forward. This gives us the ability to send four simultaneous video feeds from the Galaxy to the BCC to be mixed and displayed in our new upgraded enrichment presentations here in the Galaxy Lounge. The project is not visibly glamorous, until you see the curtains rise for the brand new production show that’s currently in the works (stay tuned for details)!

We cannot wait for you to join us for the performances and presentations that await you on board!



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