We’re welcoming Crystal Symphony Cruise Directory Shane Morley back to the blog today for an update on the tremendous progress and projects happening aboard our award-winning ship. As he shares, there are few corners of Crystal Symphony that will remain untouched.

First, two fun facts for all of you Crystal Insiders.

  1. At the moment over 6,000 square meters of carpet are being laid in the public areas, corridors, and suites around the ship.
  2. A new barbecue grill called a churrasqueira on the Lido deck 11 aft is also coming online in one of our new restaurants by the same name. Our Crystal culinary team will now include a churrasqueiro, a chef who specializes in Portuguese churrasco style food.

A close-up view of a massive propeller blade as it’s polished and prepped to be reinstalled.

Beyond the remarkable design and guest spaces being attended to during Crystal Symphony’s dry dock are many of the marine projects that cannot be done while we are in operation at sea.

Down in the dry dock itself, there are a number of very large projects going on. They are working on the port side propeller shaft to ensure that it stays in tiptop condition. They have also taken off the blades from the port side propeller for polishing. This polishing will also be done with the starboard side blades so that we with have the most efficient propulsion from our system possible, once we leave dry dock.

Right in front of the propeller shaft on the port side lay the one of our rudders that is being worked on. It is a Becker Rudder, and what makes it special is the flap on the backside of the rudder that allows Crystal Symphony to have greater maneuverability – always important to the captain.

All the thrusters around the ship are being fine-tuned, which is very important for the docking and maneuvering of the ship when we come in and out of ports of call.

In addition to the marine projects that are going on, Crystal Symphony is being completely reimagined and enhanced almost everywhere that you look.

All the Hotel refurbishment projects are mainly designed by vice president of hotel services and design, Alex Don, and fall under the shipboard management of Hotel Director Herbert Jaeger.

An artist’s rendering of the new Penthouse accommodations on Seabreeze Deck 9.

The most significant projects are on the Deck 9 Seabreeze Penthouse Deck and the conversion of the Trident area on Deck 11. Simply put, on deck 9, every three of the previous staterooms are being converted into 2 new luxurious suites. After the conversions are complete, there will be 28 Penthouse Suites and 12 Crystal Penthouse Suites established on the Seabreeze Deck 9. They will be more spacious and they also have completely new functional design elements, as well as the personal butler service that makes our guests’ experience extra special.

Another conversion, that is be forged from the rubble of the previous trident grill area, is the new Silk Restaurant up on Deck 11. The restaurant will serve Asian “comfort food,” famous for its savory and spicy flavors. At the moment, they are building the new kitchen for it on the starboard side and cable is being pulled to all to the new sound and lighting systems. The food and ambience should be amazing in this new dining venue once they are finished. See below for Shane’s behind-the-scenes peek into the dining experience for crew members during dry dock.


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