Why Lake Powell is Best From A Boat


Lake Powell. Stunning vistas. Untouched beauty. Breathtaking  scenery.

A 9-day adventure cruise through one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the country.Lake Powell | TAPintoTravel.com

And it’s yours for the taking. From the clear blue waters to the gorgeous red sandstone, the natural beauty of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area feels nearly untouched by humanity.

And with limited road access, how better to explore the nearly 2,000 mile of shoreline than by boat?

Whether your preferences run to fishing, houseboats, jet skis or water sports, Lake Powell offers opportunities for all. Or, if hiking is your preferred method, then what better way to get to virgin trails than by water craft? And, with nearly 100 side canyons, yes, there is hiking a plenty!

So, what if we told you there was an all-inclusive vacation cruise including all meals, opportunities for exploring, and evening educational programs?

In fact, we’d call it, SpecTAPular! The latest in our series of TAP-exclusive tours and events, in 2018 you’ll be able to experience the SpecTAPular Lake Powell in the lap of luxury.

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Lake Powell SpecTAPular

Explore Lake Powell and the surrounding areas on a guided Tour! Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Recreational area has enchanted early and modern explorers and adventure seekers with its stunning sandstone cliffs, hidden canyons, pristine waters, and barren landscape. It continues to be a place of enchantment and rugged beauty untouched by modern society and industry. Now it is your turn to explore its majestic beauty and hidden gems on a 9-day SpecTAPular adventure through the lake. From kayaking, water skiing, stargazing, and fishing, to just relaxing on your houseboat as the scenery moves on by, this is an experience not to miss!

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