Advice from a Newlywed – Wedding Registry Must-Haves


If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’re currently planning a wedding – congratulations!

As someone who’s been a Mrs for just over 2 years, I still remember the sheer amount of ‘things’ that you need to think about, plan and organize as part of a wedding. In the run up to our wedding (we planned from start to finish in around 9 months which I felt was the right amount of time for us – any longer and I think I would have gone crazy, any shorter and I think I’d have panicked) I lived my life in a series of checklists, phone calls and spreadsheets just to stay on top of everything.

(FYI – one of my top, often-forgotten wedding tips is think about what you’ll wear to get ready. I ended up in a tank and sweats, one of my bridesmaids had her hair done and forgot she was wearing a tight tee which subsequently she had to be cut out of to avoid ruining her hair. Floral robes save lives y’all, plus everyone looks cute and matches in the photos)

I hadn’t been someone who had necessarily thought much about my dream wedding in advance, having grown up as a bit of a tomboy and being a fiercely independent teenager who decided that she’d ‘never get married’.  That all changed when I met my now-husband and following his proposal I felt pretty overwhelmed about the sheer amount of ‘things’ I suddenly needed to think about.

One of them was my registry. We had already lived together for 4 or 5 years when we got married, and I felt like we had everything we needed. I’m also a bit of a minimalist, so the thought of gaining a lot more possessions actually freaked me out a little. Nevertheless, I soon got right into setting up a registry, and found people were really kind when buying us gifts on the day (remember to add thank you cards to your post wedding to-do list by the way!). Here’s the stuff that I would 100% recommend adding to your registry:

Wedding Registry Pots and Pans

  • Decent cookware for your New Home – sounds boring but the fancy pots and pans that we got as wedding gifts have improved my cooking skills by at least 70%. We’d been using a mish mash of kitchen stuff we’d accumulated on the way up until we got married, and I always used to wonder why my stuff was never as good as recipes promised. This is why – don’t skimp on the equipment!
  • Blender – another kitchen item, but something that I genuinely don’t understand how I managed without. Again, it’s a pretty fancy one but it’s been used so much since we got it!
  • Post-Wedding Spa gift certificates – when you’re back from honeymoon, the wedding has been and gone, and you’re back to day to day life, a day at the spa is just the ticket! I absolutely loved being able to book in for some pampering. Apparently ‘experiences’ are one of the most popular wedding registry items, so we’re not alone in enjoying this!
  • Bedsheet sets – another item we’d kind of been cheapskates about until someone gifted us an amazing set as part of our registry. I will never, ever go back to poor quality bedding after this.

monogrammed floppy hat

  • Honeymoon finds – aside from all of the household items, don’t be afraid to add a few fun items for your Honeymoon. You’ll have some many big purchases right before the wedding that adding a few things you want for your trip will be a huge help. Think new suitcases (I love these ones), a set of Mrs. & Mrs. Luggage Tags, or even a Personalized Sun Hat.

And finally, the absolute best thing I got in my wedding registry was a robotic vacuum. It sounds so silly but it really has been a fantastic addition to our home and has turned something that was previously a real chore into something that takes about a minute to set up, it still doesn’t make vacuuming ‘fun’ per se but it’s probably as close to fun as it’ll ever be with this.

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