A DC Wedding Wish – Chuck and Marybeth

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On Friday, August 25th, 2017 Chuck and Marybeth’s wish of a sacramental marriage within their church, Our Lady of Victory, was granted.  Close friends and family witnessed as the couple recommitted themselves to one another and celebrated their love. Previously, the couple had a small legal ceremony in May at the fire station where Chuck was a live-in volunteer at the time of his diagnosis.


Chuck and Marybeth met at a long-term care facility where they both worked in January of 2012. Chuck was a Geriatric Nursing Assistant and Marybeth a social worker at the facility. Chuck also worked as an EMT at the live-in station in their area and as a suicide hotline counselor. While Marybeth says that it was not love at first sight, their working relationship brought them closer. Eventually, regular meetings concerning patients turned into sharing lunch together at work.  Marybeth soon came to realizing they had more in common than she had once thought. Six months later, Chuck asked Marybeth on what would be the first of many dates. Chuck said, “Marybeth has helped me to understand love and not to be so selfish about it”.


On New Year’s Eve 2016, Chuck took Marybeth out for a wonderful dinner where he proposed with a beautiful amethyst engagement ring (her favorite color is purple). They were making plans to get married when a series of events, including Chuck’s diagnosis of Stage IV Esophageal Cancer in October of 2016, put the planning on hold. After the diagnosis, they decided to take things one day at a time.


Chuck is currently still undergoing treatment for the cancer. This wedding has given Chuck and Marybeth something to look forward to. Chuck said, “despite everything that is going on I want it to be a celebration”, and that is exactly what it was. Following the ceremony, guests gathered at the Maid of Honor’s house for a relaxing celebration.


This couple spent so much of their life and taking care of others. Wish Upon a Wedding, with the help of amazing Wish Granters, was honored to make their wedding wish come true.


Thank you to those outstanding Wish Granters that helped to make everything possible:

Planner: Bella Notte

Baker: Buttercream Bakeshop

Beauty: Bridal Artistry

Catering (main meal): Q Caterers Inc.

Catering (appetizers): Well Dunn

Catering (desserts): Ridgewells Catering

Church: Our Lady of Victory

Florist: Toulies en Fleur

Linen: Nuage Designs

Music (ceremony): Dennis Layendecker

Officiant: Reverend David M. Fitz-Patrick, Pastor

Photography: Jacqui Depas Photography

Stationary: Stationary Bliss

Transportation: RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Videography: Suburban Video

Vocalist: Zofia Smardz

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