Introducing Air Cruises by Safrans du Monde


#DDHRM is proud to announce that we’ve included an All Inclusive Around The World opportunity with Air Cruise by Safrans du Monde! Pack your luggage, prepare your passport, we are in charge of all the rest. And it is All Inclusive : super fast track access to your private jet, your pre-assigned seat on board, accommodation in 5* hotels, Full Board including beverages, excursions, private shows and so many nice surprises…
An Air Cruise by Safrans du Monde means:
•The best way to experience a panorama of The World and discover the diversity of its cultures and lands.
•Letting yourself be carried away by the comfort of a beautiful plane and accommodations in grand hotels, surrounded by the security of an executive team at your service. Sharing your discoveries and experiences with other cosmopolitan travelers, and rediscovering that special “art of living,” long associated with luxury travel.
•Letting the specialists surprise and move you by creating events that are unavailable to the independent traveler.
•Discovering extraordinary settings in a festive atmosphere with a small, independent group led by a knowledgeable expert and a select local guide.
•Enjoying the cuisine prepared by your French on-board chef, who specializes in private aviation.
•Traveling across great distances without even having to worry about finding stamps for your postcards, because everything is included, even the little details that make all the difference.
Imagine the best and experience the exceptional!
Traveling in a Private Jet means:
•Each destination is only a short flight away, with a schedule designed to give you plenty of time for sightseeing, without worrying about travel arrangements and formalities, luggage, or long lines.
•Leaving your cares behind and rediscovering the pleasure of air travel — the comfort, elegance and friendly company that will help you fully appreciate each moment of discovery.
•Getting away from it all and being transformed by the magic of new experiences, in the pampered comfort and luxury of your own home in the clouds, with its friendly and devoted crew.
For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM or visit

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