3 Summer Fitness Tips in Coronado


Summer is eternal in San Diego, but the actual summer is definitely in full swing here in Coronado! In an effort to make your summer fitness goals more attainable, we’ve rounded up ones that are both fun AND outdoors! See below for our favorite summer fitness tips.

Run Outside

A treadmill is great when you are training to get your time/distance/incline on a specific schedule and skill level. Even cooler is the opportunity to take advantage of the world’s gym: hit the pavement. An important tip for this one: gym shoes are different than outdoor workout shoes. Check with your favorite fitness apparel company to find shoes that work best for running on the sidewalk/pavement.

Take your regular workout OUT

There are so many exercises that we do in the gym that can be done outside. One of my favorite ways to get my cardio in is jump-roping. This activity isn’t super conducive to a gym environment to begin with, making it the perfect one to take outdoors! Pick an activity that requires little to no equipment, and head outside. Jump ropes, kettle bells and resistance bands are all perfect examples of equipment that travels well.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

I know this seems straightforward, but the biggest mistake people make when switching from their regular workout (in 60–70-degree weather) to their summer workout (in 75–90-degree weather) is upping their hydration level accordingly. Make sure you at least double your water when you plan on working out in the heat. Bring a lightweight water bottle with you, and keep a second one handy for when you finish your exercises.

In an effort to always be bettering myself, I plan on getting into the swing of my summer workout (better late than never, I always say) and taking all of these tips with me. How do you best workout during the summer months? Show us on Instagram by tagging @LoewsCoronado and using the #LoewsCoronado hashtag.


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