A voyage through some of the oldest and most profound riverside European locales is innately enriching. As you’re pampered by the butler-serviced luxury of your all-suite, all-balcony, gorgeously appointed Crystal river ship (in this case, Crystal Mahler), you’re simultaneously poised in the heart of some of history’s most pivotal points of influence for trade, government and royalty, arts and culture, and even cuisine. Next spring, with four new sailings added to Crystal Mahler’s 2018 calendar, your journey of enrichment just got a little richer.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, Nancy Brinker

Aboard the sailings between Budapest and Vienna, specially curated theme programming will offer a comprehensive view into specific facets of the region and its legacies, bringing the experience into vibrant perspective. Expert insights on the region’s current and historical geopolitical climate to immersive excursions that reflect on how European Jewish heritage has shaped history are set to shed light on locales that are certain to captivate you.

What’s in store to pique your cultural fascinations along the Rhine and Main Rivers?

Nancy Brinker, former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, and founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, will join a seven-day April 10 voyage from Budapest to Vienna. In her role of service between the United States government and Hungary, Mrs. Brinker was immersed in the region’s customs and historical significance. Her wealth of expertise in art and diplomacy – as well as the art of diplomacy – offer enlightening opportunities for Crystal guests to gain perspective on the country’s prominence and influence in the region. Your journey begins in Budapest, where 18th-century houses share space along the cobbled streets with UNESCO-recognized sites, diverse international influences and a bustling modern society.

Details displayed on the ceiling of the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest.

Comprehensive exploration of Europe’s Jewish heritage, which is rich with stories that illustrate the significance of the Jewish experience in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The 11-day May 1 sailing delves into these stories, with specially planned excursions to profound sites including Vienna’s Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Museum of Vienna – the world’s oldest museum dedicated to Jewish heritage, founded in 1895. Additional points of fascination include the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest, the largest synagogue in Europe, as well as the deep Holocaust history found on the avenue. During the second World War, Dohány Street represented the border of the Budapest Ghetto. A reflective trip to Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Linz, the traditional pubs and restaurants in Budapest’s bustling Gozsdu Courtyard, and Vienna’s Jewish Square near Ring Road.

In addition to these international insights, Crystal’s own top traveler, CEO and President Edie Rodriguez will host the annual President’s Cruise aboard Crystal Mahler’s April 24 sailing, which sets a festive scene of cocktail receptions and a specially curated President’s Excursion.

The Crystal River Cruises Experience indeed holds moments of fascination, spectacular views and fairytale-like surroundings, and next spring, the fairytale will come to life aboard these special Crystal Mahler sailings.


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