A day of reflection at Pass-A-Grille Beach

As I sit on my favorite US beach at Pass-A-Grille Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida and watch the boats and the jet skis go gliding by, there is such happiness in the air. The rustling ofSt. Pete Beach the waves calm the soul. The live band playing in the background adds an element of festiveness alerting you that this must be a special weekend; but you would be wrong because they have music frequently enhancing your beach experience.

I never go anywhere without my laptop, iPad, and cell phone and while I was writing this, my day is made when the beach patrol stopped in front of where I was sitting and said there is a no working ordinance on the beach orst. pete beach2 risk receiving a $118 fine so I  strongly suggest you consider closing up shop and enjoying the water. It made me smile.  Little did he know that I had just spent an hour and a half in the waters of Pass-a-grille beach.

Cooling off and enjoying the surroundings is such an amazing feeling. I love interacting with the patrons at the beach. I find couples on their first trip together and still in that honeymoon phase of their relationship, families that have been coming here for the fourth of July holiday for as long as they can remember and a dad here with his little girl building a sand castle waiting for his wife to arrive. What’s not to love about spending time at the beach?

I grew up loving Ocean City Md, but no offense to all of my friends, neighbors, and even my daughter who still live back there and visit the OC the brass monkeyoften, there is nothing like a day on a St. Pete, Madeira, Treasure Island, Belleair Bluffs, or Clearwater beach.  You can all go to the Brass Monkey where they fly a Maryland state flag, a Ravens flag, and an Orioles flag.

I first visited Clearwater at a time when I needed a change in my life and I fell head over heals in love with this area and it quickly became my happy place. It was a fresh start for me, a place that had no memories, only future memories that were yet to be made. My youngest daughter and I started coming here every break from college because it was a mere 7 hour drive. With each visit my love grew deeper, I immersed myself deeper clearwater beachinto the culture of this magnificent strip of gulf beaches and soon found myself longing to be here on the regular. How fabulous would it be to sit on these white sandy beaches daily and work and take in the sites?   Letting the sound of the waves soothe the soul and reassuring that all was going to be ok. Absolutely Fabulous. I am looking forward to the day that I have an address on Gulf Blvd and can look over this amazing beach every day.

I have spent the majority of the beautiful Saturday at Pass-a-grille beach and I think the last time I experienced such peacefulness was the last time I was here. Nothing soothes the soul like a day on a Gulf Beach in sunny Florida with the majestic Grand hotel, The Don Cesar sitting majestically off to my right.   She is absolutely beautiful.

Paradise Grille

Late afternoon has some beach goers departing while the next wave of water lovers begin arriving to enjoy the late day sun awaiting the most memorable part of the day………..the St. Pete/Clearwater beach sunset. It is such an out of body experience to see so many people line the beach in preparation for the sunset.  When the sun sets there are cheers and applause.  It is literally a ritual here and is one that all who visit must experience at least once.  pass a grille sunset

No matter where you are spending the weekend, may you feel & experience the serenity that exists at St. Pete/Clearwater beaches!!! #StillMyHappyPlace

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