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Decision Time: Choosing the RIGHT Motorcoach Company


Group tour operators have a lot to think about when it comes to planning tours and not every sub-contractor you select will help you uncover missed opportunities or discuss potential hazards. What about the transportation component? Do they recommend tour timing to ensure guest comfort? Do they have coolers on board for water? Do they keep their coaches up to date, drivers trained and how often is the restroom cleaned?

So if you’re looking for tips on contracting the right motorcoach company, we are here to help! Whether you’ve done this 1,000 times or are totally new to the “scene,” we’ll help you with preparing questions to ask, understanding the importance of a contingency plan, and learning how to check safety records. Selecting the right partners starts with doing your due diligence and not just shopping by rates. Come prepared to this session and clean up your transportation RFPs so the next time you request motorcoach services, you are keeping your clients safe and happy.

So how do you get started?

We have actually created an on-demand webinar just for you packed with information you’ll need. Click below to watch these great tips for yourself! You’ll learn about the newest safety features to ask about, and find answers to your questions on cleanliness, professionalism, and equipment.

Ready to get started? Click the image below!

Or if the link doesn’t work for you from the image, click here.

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