Oliver Ridley Project @ Coco Prive, Maldives


Meet Morgan! After just a few days of rehabilitation @ Coco Prive, she already has a ferocious appetite and her wounds are healing well! 
Thank you to Kara for naming this turtle, fighter of the sea is a very appropriate name for her! 

After the excitement and celebration of the double release, we received a turtle in a very poor condition later that evening.  
This turtle has lost both flippers from its right side due to being caught in a ghost net. Its neck is also deeply cut and requires extensive wound therapy. 
Sadly this is often the likely outcome for turtles that have spent weeks and weeks caught in these nets. This turtle, despite its injuries, was lucky to be found. The majority of turtles entangled are most often not found soon enough.
We are so grateful for your ongoing support and we would also like to encourage you to donate to our cause if you have not had the chance to do so already!
#ridleyturtle #Maldives #cocoprive

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