The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: a Tucson Treasure!


Do you think you’d enjoy a unique mixture of indoor and outdoor settings that roll numerous experiences into one event? Look no further than the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona, the perfect place for a fun-filled day!

Tucson's Treasures - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum |

To celebrate the rich environmental diversity of the Sonora Desert, the facility brings together a natural history museum, a zoo, an art gallery, a botanical garden, and–surprise!–an aquarium that highlights the region’s freshwater rivers and the Sea of Cortez.

You’ll view about 85% of the Desert Museum out-of-doors. Two miles of walking paths wind through the facility’s 98 acres, providing a strolling access to numerous desert habitats, 230 species of desert animals, at least 1,200 varieties of plants, and an awesome overview of the surrounding Avra Valley. Cat Canyon is home to small mammals living in naturalistic grottos, and the Walk-In Aviary lets you share space with more than 40 bird species native to the desert.

The Earth Sciences Center leads through exhibits showing cave development, animals that prefer the twilight of a cave dwelling, and a fantastic collection of regional minerals, many in crystalline forms that glint in beautiful shades of emerald, amethyst, and ruby.

If your excursion along the paths and through the beautiful buildings make you hungry, the Museum provides several eating opportunities. A small picnic area is available if you prefer to eat outside, and a coffee bar and an ice cream shop offer quick refreshments. Want a full sit down meal? The facility boasts two excellent eating establishments: the Ironwood Terraces, which is a casual food court, and Ocotillo Cafe, where you’ll relish fine dining on southwest cuisine.

When you’ve soaked up every drop of fun, every interesting fact, and every moving moment from the day, two gift shops carry souvenirs sure to permanently capture your memories.

The unique Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is open every day of the year! The hours differ slightly depending on the season, but there are always enough hours to allow you a full and satisfying outing.

When you’re ready to discover Tucson’s wealth of history, environment, and culture, give us the opportunity to make your visit unforgettable!

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