How to Save an Open Bottle of Wine


When it comes to saving an open bottle of wine, there are certainly a wide number of choices, admittedly some of these are highly dependent on your level of planning and quite frankly, the amount of wine that you normally drink. Here’s our guide on how to save an open bottle of wine:

Top of the Line:

Corvain: So, I’ll be honest on this one, the first time I started seeing Corvain being advertised, I didn’t quite see the immediate fascination that so many people saw.  I think that was largely driven that wine in my house tends to get finished, since both my wife and I are happy to have a glass and saving a bottle for a day, isn’t hard (see lower down on this page). That being said, I’ve seen a few different ways where Corvain really and truly shines.  First and foremost, I know a number of wine brokers and distributors, whom LOVE the system.  No longer do they have to pour a single taste of a wine and then give away an entire bottle. Less needless samples helps their bottle line, as well as their winery clients.  I think that’s helped to get Corvain the attention that they consistently receive, the folks within the industry love the system.  Second, I have a wine club member or two

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