Forget Everything You Know About Beaches!


Forget everything you know about beaches. The coastlines of the Pacific Northwest are a world away from the flat, expansive sands of your typical beach getaway. From the wild, rainforest-shielded shores of Washington state, to the otherworldly sea-stacks of the Olympic Peninsula and Cannon Beach, to the misty Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and on down the famous Highway 1: a trip through the unique treasures of the northern Pacific coast is an experience unlike anywhere else in the world. Forget everything you know about beaches | Pacific Northwest |

The Pacific Northwest Coastline Is Rich in Both Culture and Natural Beauty

A trip from the Washington coast down through San Francisco is essentially a trip through time. At the very northern most tip of the continental US, the beaches are incredibly wild and remote, surrounded by rainforest and filled with unique rock formations. Cordoned off by both Olympic National Park and a number of Reservations, these beaches still look as you imagine they may have thousands of years ago.

It’s hard to imagine that less than 5 hours away sits tech-central Seattle. A meeting of the future and the past, one of Seattle’s most breathtaking views is from Alki Beach: the Puget Sound with snow-capped mountains on one side, and the iconic Space Needle and city skyline on the other.

Continuing down south through Oregon, you maintain the unearthly, immense sea-stacks, but start to develop a number of charming little beach towns. Many of these towns were founded in the early 1800s, and still retain a number of their historical buildings and beach-side tourist attractions from days-gone-by. Enjoy a cotton candy or ride on the carousal while gazing out upon what looks the landscape of another planet.

Finishing up down near San Francisco, the terrain begins to flatten slightly and it is impossible to escape the hustle and bustle of one of the country’s largest and most modern cities. Though still replete with incredibly beautiful coastline, San Francisco’s real draw is the rich cultural history of an old port city that has seen its share of missionaries, soldiers, treasure-seekers, and newcomers from the Far East. Beyond an enjoyable afternoon spent walking up and down the water in Cannery Row, it is well worth a trip to the oldest and largest Chinatown in North America, as well as an eerie boat ride out to Alcatraz island to wander through the old cells.

Whether it’s natural beauty or cultural history you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Contact us to begin your journey along the magical Pacific Northwest Coast

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