Erica and Anthony: A Chicago Love Story

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Erica and Anthony met through a mutual friend about three years ago at a birthday party. Erica was already going through treatments for her stiff person syndrome when they met and thinking their relationship would not move passed friendship, she did not reveal this piece of her life to Anthony. Erica tried to hide the multiple hospital visits and days she didn’t feel strong enough to go on dates, as their friendship started to blossom into more.


Even though Anthony had only known Erica for a short time he knew there was something she was hiding. Through some investigation on his end, he had found out she was in the hospital and showed up to surprise her with flowers. That’s the moment Erica says she knew she was in love with Anthony.

Not only did Anthony figure out where Erica was, he has been committed to learning everything he can about stiff person syndrome and how best to care for Erica.


The couple continues to live up the good days by going to for walks on the beach or dinner dates. Anthony knows what to do when Erica has seizures in public, what medicine she needs and when the medication needs to be taken. Erica calls Anthony her super hero.

Anthony has been Erica’s partner and cheerleader through the whole thing and said, “I won’t let her give up”.


Anthony proposed to Erica on one of their beach walks in the fall. Erica of course said yes! The love this couple has for one another can be heard, seen and felt by everyone that surrounds them.

We are so excited for their upcoming wedding in Chicago this weekend! A special thank you to all of our Wish Granters. This is possible because of your generosity, thank you:

Planner: Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event

Venue: The Kimpton Gray Hotel

Catering: The Kimpton Gray Hotel 

Beauty: Christopher Conner

Cake: Toni Patisserie

Ceremony Music: Larry King Orchestra 

Entertainment DJ: Fig Weddings 

Florist: Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event 

Invitations: Stationary Bliss 

Linen: Nuage Designs 

Officiant: Rev. Jim Rehnberg 

Photography: Gerber + Scarpelli Photography

Videography: Fig Weddings

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