Inglenook: Don’t Call It a Comeback


A major, major event took place about 5 years ago within the wine industry, but until recently it really hasn’t been talked about much.

Back in 2011, Inglenook that old, greatly respected Napa Valley name hired a new general manager.  Unlike other hires though, this one was of some sort of significance for both the future of what was once the shining light of Napa wine and dare I say it, perhaps a significant bellweather into the future of Napa Valley wine itself.

Philippe Bascaules is the new GM at Inglenook, having previous been employed at none other than Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux.

It’s been written that when Inglenook’s owner, the film maker Francis Ford Coppola bought the property with a small portion of his profits from the Godfather films, he wanted to bring the property back to the state it’s been on at least two occasions in the past.  First and foremost, in the late 19th century (yes, 19th is accurate) Inglenook might have been the standard bearer of American wine.  Second, in the 1950’s led by John Daniels, the same.  Daniels if you’re wondering was a grand nephew of the original vineyard owner, who was a Finish sea captain.

In any case, when hired in 2011 Basaules presented his plan for Inglenook.  It spanned 50 years.


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