A Month In Broadway: The Best Broadway Shows For June 2017


New York City’s very own Broadway is the epitome of everything live theater, with numerous theaters, diverse shows, great songs, and a culture that breeds excellence. If you are visiting NYC for the first time and wish to experience the spectacle that is Broadway, our monthly roundup for all the best Broadway shows in June will help you pick the show you must watch. Even if you’re a resident New Yorker, this round-up is all you need to stay updated on all the new and critically acclaimed shows playing on Broadway. 

Here are the best Broadway shows for June 2017.

New Arrivals

Broadway has new shows coming up every month. Wondering which show is making its Broadway debut in June 2017? We have the answers.

Marvin’s Room

Marvin's Room

With previews beginning June 8th 2017 and the show officially premiering on June 29th, Marvin’s Room is one of the most anticipated shows of this season. Based on the tumultuous relationship between two sisters, who are reunited when one of the sisters is diagnosed with lukemia, the show is utterly heartbreaking and human. 

First Broadway Experience

Your first time watching a Broadway show should be an experience worth cherishing. There are good shows aplenty and budget preferences and personality types too have to be considered before you make a pick. We get that, which is why our diverse collection of classic Broadway shows for that quintessential first theatre experience will catch your fancy.

1. Wicked

Broadway shows for June 2017

A modern twist on The Wizard of Oz, a story everyone knows all too well, Wicked has been defying standards and gravity (if you know what we mean) for more than a decade. Wicked finds the perfect balance between catchy yet meaningful songs and the sort of behind the scenes wizardry that only a stage show allows. If you are looking for a fantasy tale that echoes human sentiments, this is the show for you. 

“I’m pleased that this is the show I chose for my very first Broadway show. I was blown away at the talent on the stage. These Thespians now how to bring it! Tuesday night performance and the place was packed. So impressed. I’d definitely see it again!”

Broadway shows for June 2017

2. Chicago

Broadway shows for June 2017

Jazz. Prohibition-era Chicago. A Crime Thriller. If any of these caught your attention, Chicago, based on the 1926 play of the same name, is what you should be watching for your first Broadway experience. Featuring show-stopping tunes like All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango, a story that will keep you glued to your seats, and elaborate dance numbers, Chicago is Broadway at its absolute best.

Recently I went to New York on vacation with my mom. The first thing I told her was that I really wanted to watch a Broadway Show. So we did. It was the best experience I had on that week (except the time we lost on the queue to buy the tickets with 50% off).

Broadway shows for June 2017

3. The Phantom of the Opera

Broadway shows for June 2017

If an offbeat romance with a generous heaping of mystery and a dash of fantasy excites you, The Phantom of the Opera, the longest running Broadway show ever (!), is where you should be at. Join the elusive Phantom and Christine, a young soprano, as they engage in a torrid, unconventional romance, backed with iconic songs like the Music of the Night and The Phantom of the Opera.

My son’s first trip to NYC and with so many choices of plays, it was nice to see a classic. There is a reason this play has been here for so long. The actors and set were amazing. Nice theater and even though we were about 10 rows from the top, we had a great view and we could hear fine since there is little dialogue and mostly singing in this play.

Broadway shows for June 2017

4. School of Rock

Broadway shows for June 2017

Everybody loves a good underdog story, especially when it involves rock music and foot-tapping numbers. School of Rock, based on the 2003-movie, brings a whole new energy to the already diverse world of Broadway. If (rock) music and Battle of the Bands in a prep school setting sounds intriguing, School of Rock is the perfect choice for you.

This was an amazing show for us first-timers ! Kids play instruments and sing and dance like I’ve never seen! Worth every penny! Our show was sold out so get tickets early! Similar to movie but even better! Hope to bring my 12 year old back to see it!

5. Hamilton

Broadway shows for June 2017

Even if you haven’t heard of any of the shows listed above, we bet you know about Hamilton. Based on the life and times of America’s founding father, Alexander Hamilton, the show blends history and rap verses like nothing before it has, offering a whole new Broadway experience. Tickets for the show have been sold out for months in advance, so if you’re planning on watching this Broadway blockbuster, start planning today!

I had high hopes for this musical, being my first Broadway experience,  and I was not let down. It was an amazing production — funnier than you’d expect, sadder than you’d realize from listening to the soundtrack over and over

Kid-Friendly Shows

Given how inclusive the Broadway community is, you can bet there are plenty of family-friendly shows for a fun day out with your kids. From fawning over the delightful stage production to quietly singing along to the closing number with your kids, our top-picks for kid-friendly shows guarantee a good time and then some!

1. The Lion King

Broadway shows for June 2017

You can’t go wrong with Disney and The Lion King has more than proved that with its relatable, coming of age story and hummable songs. The remarkable opening number, “Circle of Life”, sets the stage for a magical time, with colourful props and stellar production design creating the jungle atmosphere we know and love from the animated movie.

What an amazing experience for all ages. It was our daughters first Broadway Show and could not been happier with her experience. She was so mesmerized and has not stopped raving about it. A must see. Recommend to all.

2. Aladdin

Broadway shows for June 2017

Who doesn’t love the iconic “A Whole New World”, set to Aladdin whisking Jasmine away on his magic carpet for a ride around the world. Imagine this recreated in a live retelling of the animated classic, with an actual hovering carpet and the actors belting out the challenging notes of the song, while up in the air! This and many such magical moments make Aladdin the perfect show for kids and adults alike.

If you’re going to NYC, you have to see a show and since my daughter loves Aladdin, we knew we had to see it! I have to say that its not just for little kids, our whole family loved it! The genie was incredible and the special effects were magical. It was a great production and a great evening.

3. Anastasia

Broadway shows for June 2017

Masterfully blending the past and the present, Anastasia is the spirited tale of rediscovery and connecting with your roots. Chronicling the life of Anya, an amnesiac orphan, who is trying to rediscover her past, Anastasia has all the elements of a kid-friendly show, from a fantastical plot to the kind of cheery optimism kids can relate to.

4. Cats The Musical

Broadway shows for June 2017

Broadway’s fourth longest running show, Cats, follows a tribe of cats who meet annually for the Jellicle Ball to celebrate, rejoice and ultimately decide who amongst them will be reborn. Colourful costumes, iconic songs like “Memory”, and an underlying message of human salvation, all make Cats a must-see Broadway production.

Great matinée seeing School of Rock with our kids aged 7, 9 & 11. Picked up tickets at TKTS in Time Square the day of. It was our kids first Broadway show and they LOVED it. We’ve been several times and we are never disappointed! Highly recommend even if you aren’t into musicals…open your mind to something different. You cannot beat live performances!

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Broadway shows for June 2017

Adapted from Roald Dahl’s timeless tale and the 2005-Johnny Depp starrer, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the perfect show to watch with your kids. Charlie, the lead character, is resilient, selfless, and honest, qualities that you would love to pass down on your kids. From a technical perspective, the show is bright, cheery, and magical, everything a kid would enjoy.

Critically Acclaimed Shows

“If the critics love it, it must be good!” Damn straight! Broadway critics can be pretty scathing when it comes to reviewing the countless shows that premiere on Broadway. And if they loved these shows and we bet you’ll too!

1. Sunset Boulevard

Broadway shows for June 2017

This critics’ darling, starring the ever radiant Glenn Close, is the tale of a forgotten starlet, trying to get back in the spotlight with the help of a young screenwriter. Strikingly real and tragic in equal measures, Sunset Boulevard is a mesmerising Broadway experience.

Had the pleasure of seeing a Glenn Close in this production at the Palace theatre. The music was just superb with the orchestra on stage. The cast were all of high standard and Glenn Close was just terrific. I would highly recommend this production.

2. Present Laughter

Broadway shows for June 2017

There’s something both comic and tragic about seeing actors struggle with regular events like a mid-life crisis. Present Laughter, starring theatre favourite Kevin Kline, a laugh out loud comedy based on Noel Crawford’s play, guarantees a good time and then some.

Saw a preview of Present Laughter with Kevin Kline, it was very funny and we laughed through the whole show. We had never been to a preview before, orchestra seats were much less expensive and since it was 4 days before opening night most of the kinks were worked out.

3. Hello, Dolly!

Broadway shows for June 2017

Who doesn’t love Bette Midler? The singer-actress brings her brand of humour to the iconic Hello, Dolly!, a story about a matchmaker who falls in love with one of her clients. If a light, breezy comedy is your calling, go have a ball at Hello, Dolly!, now playing in the Shubert Theatre.

Spectacular. We travelled to NY from London especially for this show, having booked the tickets the minute they went on sale. A wonderful show, amazing set, beautiful costumes and such talented cast. And Bette was simply amazing. A night we will remember for ever.

4. The Book of Mormon

Broadway shows for June 2107

In a world where taking offence has become a day job, The Book of Mormon goes ahead and presents an outrageously hilarious comedy about the quirks and intricacies of Mormon culture. A certified Tony winner, the show is satire and black comedy at its best.

Completely inappropriate on many levels, but sooooo funny! If you are sensitive to religion or language, you won’t like it, but if you have ever had a Mormon Missionary ring you doorbell and you have an open mind, this is your show!

5. Come From Away

Broadway shows for June 2017

A play about 38 planes landing in a Canadian town after the 9/11 attack and the locals doing everything in their power to help the passengers, Come From Away is an emotional, uplifting experience. Creating waves in the theatre world with its resounding message of camaraderie and kindness, the show has been winning the love of critics and audiences alike.

This musical was AMAZING! See it while you can get tickets. It is based on the true story of the planes that were diverted to Newfoundland on 9/11. The spirit of humanity and generosity but also worry and fear, were portrayed wonderfully. It is a simplistic setting with the movements and changes of the performers telling the tale.


Not in the mood for song and dance? We have an alternative that might just make you happy. With plays spanning genres like drama, comedy, and fantasy, you can experience theatre like it was meant to be enjoyed. Pure, unadulterated, and without any frills.

1. The Glass Menagerie

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Broadway shows for June 2017

Adapted from Tennessee Williams’s classic, The Glass Menagerie has seen many incarnations on Broadway. Presently, Oscar-winning actress, Sally Field headlines the show and the reviews have been unanimously great. Staged in a series of flashbacks, The Glass Menagerie is an honest look at the power of memories and the past.

I saw a really edgey and modern production of the glass menagerie here with Sally Field. The stage was completely raw with just a table and a record player. The part of Laura, who was supposed to have a slight limp was played by a paraplegic. During the dinner scene it actually rained on stage. I cried four times.

2. Drunk Shakespeare

Broadway shows for June 2017

5 actors, one of whom is drunk, try to make their way through one of Shakespeare’s classic in this hilarious and offbeat play. The best part? The audience doesn’t know on the outset who the drunk cast member is! Head to this special show and we bet you will leave with a smile on your face.

This show is amazing. Even if you don’t fancy Shakespeare (who doesn’t like Shakespeare?) this show will crack you up. The cast seems to be having a blast (even the ones who don’t down shots of tequila). The energy level is through the roof. The audience participation adds a lot as well. Don’t over-think it, just go.

3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Broadway shows for June 2017

C.S. Lewis’s children’s classic has already been adapted for the big screen and now St. Luke’s theatre is playing host to the stage adaptation of this magical story. Follow four siblings as they enter the enchanting land of Narnia and fight the forces of evil, alongside the lion, Aslan. Here’s the hook; only two actors take on all the roles! Intrigued? Check out the show to witness magic on stage.

Fantastic theatrical production for people of all ages! Magical rendition of an old favourite, suitable for even very young children as it is somewhat interactive, simple storyline, compelling and enjoyable to watch! A MUST see!

4. Oslo

Broadway shows for June 2017

There’s nothing quite like a good political thriller. Add a dash of comedy and you’ve got yourself the perfect show. Oslo, based on the mysterious peace agreements between Israel and PLO, chronicles the role a young couple had in the proceedings and brokering a deal between the two warring parties.

5. If I Forget

Broadway shows for June 2017

Family stuff is hard. Fortunately, it makes for great character drama and that’s exactly what If I Forget taps into. The play opens with Jewish, World War II veteran, Lou’s 75th birthday. His entire family comes together to celebrate, and as you would expect, unresolved issues, marriage, money, and career all creep to the surface.

Off-Broadway Shows

Broadway’s lesser known sibling, Off-Broadway has plenty of delightful shows of its own that will appease your craving for live theatre. Here are the top Off-Broadway shows for June 2017.

1. Chalk

Broadway shows for June 2017

A charming tribute to the comedians of the silent motion pictures era, Chalk is both heartfelt and endearing. Perfect for a family outing, this Off-Broadway show features a hand drawn world where everything is possible.

2. Cagney

Broadway shows for June 2017

Discover the inspiring origin story of Hollywood star James Cagney, as he navigates the busy streets of New York to become the music and dance man that he is today. Backed with an exemplary score and foot-tapping choreography, this is one Off-Broadway show you wouldn’t want to miss.

3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Broadway shows for June 2017

If you have an inclination for something a little dark and gothic, Sweeney Todd is perfect Off-Broadway show for you. Featuring fabulous performances from a talented cast and audience interaction the likes of which you have never seen before, this show is definitely worth your time.

4. The Marvelous Wonderettes

Broadway shows for June 2017

How about a rose-coloured musical trip down memory lane. Join the fabulous Wonderettes in a humbling journey from their High School Prom to a 10-year reunion. With enchanting songs like Dream Lover and Son of a Preacher Man backing the show, you’re guaranteed a good time.

5. Then She Fell

Broadway shows for June 2017

Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, Then She Fell is a theatre-going experience like nothing else. The show takes the phrase “interactive theatre” and gives it a whole new meaning with hidden stories and camouflaged performers. You have to see it to believe the magic that happens in the stage. Book your spot now!


Broadway is home to some laugh out loud comedies with singing and dancing still being prominent. If you’re looking to tick your funny bone, we have the top 5 comedies for June 2017.

1. The Play That Goes Wrong

Broadway shows for June 2017

Ever imagined watching a play within a play? It’s called “playception” and The Play That Goes Wrong taken the concept a step further with errors within errors in the play within a play. Disarmingly funny and well-acted, this show is a definite must-watch if high-concept comedies are your thing.

Thoroughly enjoyed the production, we didn’t stop laughing all the way through. The cast are excellent and the props, staging etc are wonderful in their ability to fall apart just at the right moment. The timing was perfect and the gags worked well. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a good night out!

2. Groundhog Day

Broadway shows for June 2017

Remember the 90s timeloop comedy you laughed your asses off to? Yes, Groundhog Day is now on Broadway and it’s still as funny as you remember the movie to be. Getting rave reviews from critics, the show is already off to a great start, making it must-watch Broadway comedy.

We saw a preview and it was on the night that the lead actor hurt his ankle in the final scenes. Great show, very funny, excellent stage design and casting, worth the tickets. We see a lot of shows in London, and we had heard that this was originally produced by the RSC (not sure of this), so thought it was a good all round choice for older teens.

3. Avenue Q

Broadway shows for June 2017

Following Princeton, a wide-eyed college grad who moves to the big city with countless hopes and aspirations, Avenue Q is one of the best comedies playing currently. With a heartwarming story, charming leads, and delightful production value, Avenue Q is pure and unadulterated joy.

It was everything we thought it could be and more! Cursing, singing muppets! What more could you ask for?? Likable cast, funny, upbeat, and profane. We thought it was hysterical and really enjoyed it.

4. Blue Man Group

Broadway shows for June 2017

A show about reconnecting with your inner child, Blue Man Group is hilarious and heartwarming in equal measures. Backed by a live rock band, the Blue Men Group unifies the audience for the show’s climax – an unforgettable, euphoric dance party, marking a departure from how regular shows ends.

5. Kinky Boots

Broadway shows for June 2017

How fun can a story about a shoe business be? Extremely funny, if Kinky Boots is to be believed. With a game cast and magnificent music numbers backing a inherently sweet story, Kinky Boots is another Broadway comedy you cannot afford to miss.

This highly entertaining and funny Broadway show was the highlight of our trip to New York. This Broadway show had everything and appeals to all ages. The music was outstanding as well as the performances by all cast members was memorable.

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