For this time of the year at Sumaq has designed some activities to welcome all our guests from different parts of the world.
For our small travelers, the “Easter Cookie Decoration” is scheduled from the 10th  to the 16th of April. This activity will be developed in the mini chef classes where you will learn from our experts how to make and decorate the Easter bunny cookies made of flour with quinoa, kiwicha or maca.
Also, on Easter Sunday, all our guests will be surprised in their rooms with the traditional “Easter Eggs” in a fine presentation, which will be made of bitter chocolate and white chocolate filled with sweets, sugarplums and other surprises
With the purpose of inviting you to live this Sumaq experience, we will introduce you the ingredients and preparation of these 2 delicious Easter desserts.
Easter bunny cookies
300 grs of powder sugar500 grs of maize750 grs of butter730 grs of pastry flour
Mix the butter with the powdered sugar, add the maize, the pastry flour, knead well until obtaining a homogeneous dough, let stand for a few minutes, then stretch and give desired shape, preheat the oven to 165 degrees Celsius and bake for 10 minutes. Let them cool and decorate with colored frosting or grajeas.
Chocolate Easter eggs
1 kg of chocolate coating.Sugarplums, candies, sweet palettes.300 grs White chocolate3 egg whites750 grs of powder sugarJuice of a lemon.Chocolate coloring
We chopped 800 grams of the chocolate coating in medium sized pieces inside a container that will be used to take it to water bath. Bring the container to the fire over another bowl with boiling water. Melt the chocolate for about 3 or 4 minutes. Remove the chocolate from the fire, add the remaining 200 grams of chocolate and stir until dissolved.
Bathe the mold
Pour the melted chocolate until filling up the mold, after 30 seconds turn the mold down and drop all the chocolate, finally take the mold, to the refrigerator, for about 10 minutes.
We turn the mold down to the table and the eggs must fall. In one of the halves we put some sugarplums or surprises. Combine the two halves with a little chocolate.
We make a real glasé guard with a thick-beaded sleeve all over the edge of the eggs.
For more information phone 1-888-DDHRM09

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