The Real Life Fairy Tales of Bavaria’s Castles


Bavaria’s castles are world-renowned for their romantic charm and beauty, without a doubt thanks to the most famous of them all, the iconic fairy-tale-style Neuschwanstein Castle. Like Neuschwanstein, Bavaria’s castles reflect the personalities, desires and tastes of their inhabitants, whether it was for the sake of defense and fortification or as a place for royals to indulge in the latest and greatest popular craze. In the case of Trausnitz Castle, located high atop a hill in Landshut, that craze was having a Cabinet of Curiosities.

The Renaissance was, after all, an amazingly prolific time for both scientists and artists, driven by a thirst for greater knowledge and understanding. Not cabinets by our modern terms, a Cabinet of Curiosities was an entire room filled with objects of both art and natural history, done with encyclopedic precision and organization. In short, they were tiny precursors to today’s museums, but functioned on a private level, often as just a way for aristocrats to show off.

Though not strictly intended for royalty, the wildly popular practice of assembling a Cabinet of Curiosities was one that Prince William V couldn’t resist. The then crown prince was already a major patron of the arts and during the 16th century was involved in much of the redecoration and remodeling of Trausnitz Castle (which in itself dates back 1204). When William became a duke in 1579, he couldn’t part with his own collection and took it with him to Munich where he then combined it with his father’s collection.

In 2004 the 750-piece collection of art and artifacts became part of the Bavarian National Museum and returned home to Trausnitz Castle where it has since been available for viewing as part of the Chamber of Art and Curiosities. While an astonishing exhibit in itself, the Chamber is only one small part of Trausnitz, a vibrantly artistic, historically unique, and definitely-not-what-you-expected Bavarian castle.

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