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Why Do Some Wineries in Napa Valley Require Appointments?


It’s a question that comes up from customers from time to time, why do some wineries in Napa Valley require appointments?

It comes down (largely at least) to Napa wanting to keep it’s agricultural heritage and atmosphere intact.  They don’t want every winery with set hours and then people driving up and down highway 29, stopping wherever strikes their fancy.

Requiring appointments does limit the number of wineries a consumer might visit in a given day, especially because there tends to be some educational component at these stops, or at least a tour of the property.  All told, an appointment usually requires at least an hour and possibly an hour and a half.

If you’re a consumer and you don’t have an appointment, what can you do? So there are some wineries that are just open for walk in tastings of course.  Secondly though, call the winery you’d like to visit.  While wineries in Napa Valley require appointments, there isn’t any real rule to how far in advance an appointment must be made.  Often a call can you get an appointment for the time it takes to drive to the tasting room from the winery parking lot down the street.

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