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Just A Splash of Color!!

Pillow Talk

A splash of pink, a splash of yellow, a splash of blue, and don’t forget to mention some fabulous patterns.  Can you guess who I’m talking about?  None other than LP herself, Lilly Pulitzer.  I can’t get enough color, the brighter the better and  Lilly products just automatically bring a smile to your face with the amazing color palletes in her collections .  Taylor & Co. Travel has partnered with SWOOZIE’S to bring you products for gift giving, your next party or event, and a little something for you and today we are showcasing all things Lilly.  Peruse our Look Book below and Let the colors make you smile and your happiness make you shop.  SHOP NOW

Look Book:

#XperienceTravelTheTaylorWay book your next getaway with Taylor & Co. Travel and take your Lilly products with you!!!  BOOK NOW

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