Adventures at Morgan’s Rock, Nicaragua

Spring break is coming! If you’re feeling adventurous, Morgan’s Rock, Nicaragua is part of a protected jungle reserve filled with unforgettable experiences. At Morgan’s Rock Reserve guests can take a guided hike through the jungle, day or night, or kayak through the estuary to witness some truly extraordinary species of animals in their natural habitat. Thanks to the vastness of the property, guests at Morgan’s Rock have the unique opportunity to reside in true resort style luxury, in addition to the chance to explore the copiousness of “wild Nicaragua.” We encourage visitors to explore the Reserve so that they can learn about the native wildlife. Our hope is that this will inspire respect and awareness for the local wildlife, and educate our visitors to be part of the ever increasing movement, protecting of these precious animals that provide color and delight for each and every visitor. Set in treetops and built from sustainable natural materials, the rustic-chic bungalows offer daybeds suspended from the ceiling, local artworks and solar-powered showers, plus terraces with jungle or beach views. Wi-Fi and TVs aren’t available so enjoy being unplugged!  #ddhrm #morgansrock #nicaragua #ecochic

For more information phone 1-888-DDHRM09

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