How Much Wine Do You Get from a Ton of Grapes?

People are generally incredibly interested in how many grape vines they might need to produce wine, but there’s a more pertinent question often in play.

How much wine do you get from a ton of grapes?

Honestly, few of us have enough space to plant vines and make wine in our yards, so the work around like it is for many, many winemakers is to purchase grapes.

Grapes are most often sold to amateur’s and aspiring winemakers by the ton, whereas established winemakers can custom tailor framing practices in a vineyard they don’t own by paying by the acre.

It’s commonly accepted that a ton of grapes creates about 2 barrels of wine, or about 50 cases in total.  Oh, that’s right about 600 bottles of wine.

Also, if you’re interested that means that about 360,000 grapes make up that ton.

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