Is Rose a White or a Red for Your Wine Clubs?

For some of my Explorations Wine Club members, you’ll see a Rose showing up in an upcoming shipment.

As you might expect, people immediately wonder-where does Rose fit in when your wine club information says that I receive a white as well as, a red?

Personally speaking, we drink Rose in my house, much like a white wine, so that’s how I qualify it in my wine clubs.

In my higher priced wine clubs, I don’t think I’ve ever shipped a Rose, but if I did, it would be exceedingly rare.

For now, if you’re an Explorations Wine Club member, I’ll introduce you to Rose made from Carignane grapes from an organic farm in Sonoma, or an equivalent bottle made in Oregon from Pinot Noir grapes. I think they’re both excellent examples of a type of wine that doesn’t get the lions share of attention that it likely deserves based on the quality that is being produced.

Like a lot in the wine industry, that’s largely based on how Rose is sold, where it’s placed in wine stores and on menu’s and it’s general lack of a consistent place.  That’s too bad, because for a lot of people that might otherwise say they don’t like white wine, they’d often drink a Rose.

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