2 or 3 Bottles of Wine? What Gives?

I had an email come from a potential customer asking why some of my wine clubs, specially my Special Selections Wine Club and my Reserve Selections Wine Club say that they come with either 2 or 3 bottles of wine.

In actuality, of late the Reserve Selections folks have been getting 4 bottles….so it’s probably even worse than that as far as consistency.

In any case, there’s a pretty simple reason: I don’t want to be forced to find a specific bottle at a specific price.  Having some more wiggle room, allows me to source wine from the Central Coast, as opposed to always having to go to Napa Valley, where the average price is pretty much dramatically different.

If I’m being honest, there are different pricing mechanisms in play within the wine industry that come into play both for different grapes, as well as different regions.

As an example, Cabernet Sauvignon can run well over $100 per bottle from Napa Valley.  But, the equivalent quality of a bottle of Carignan made in Paso Robles, might be $45.  Having some flexibility on the number of bottles people receive, gives me more leeway to find these lesser known wine names as well as, lesser known varietals.

Quite frankly, those lesser known names are the ones that most people like best.  I’ll keep looking for them, even if it turns some people off from the wine clubs due to the lack of consistency.  It leads to better wine and I’ll continue to focus on choices that lead to better wine for my customers.

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