Vacherie: Majestic Plantations of Louisiana

Louisiana is in the news in a big way these days, with Mardi Gras next week. But Louisiana, while known for its festivals, features more than just a big party. In Louisiana, you can immerse yourself in culture and history. And Vacherie offers lots of great opportunities — and plantations — to experience a glimpse into the grandeur of the past.Vacherie | Oak Alley | Louisiana's Plantations | TAPIntoTravel.comImagine walking along a country trail lined with a rows of old oak trees that have Spanish moss dangling from the branches.  Suddenly, peeking from the trees, an outline of a house starts to appear. As you walk closer, a beautiful and grand plantation home emerges. This fantastic image will come to life as visitors explore Vacherie, Louisiana.

Oak Alley Plantation is a massive Greek revival style home that is quintessential to Louisiana’s plantations. The home was built in 1849 and is surrounded by two rows of 300-year-old oak trees. Visitors can tour the home, stay in one of the cottages on the property, listen to ghost stories, visit the Plantation cafe for a bit to eat, and explore the massive twenty-five acre grounds.

Just down the road from the Oak Alley Plantation, visitors will find the St. Joseph Plantation. The home is a Raised Creole style home that has been around since 1830. This plantation is known for having sugarcane and the old slave cabins on the property.  Visitors can learn about Louisiana’s sugarcane industry, tour the home, explore the Civil War exhibit, and browse the gift shop that features gifts created by the family members that own  the St. Joseph Plantation.

Lastly, the Laura Plantation is also a must see.  What makes this home unique is the colorful French Creole style architecture. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the plantation home, three gardens, and the original barn. Visitors can also tour the 200-year-old sugarcane field, learn about Creole life, and listen to an old recording of “Br’er Rabbit.”

Vacherie may be small and quiet, but it’s breathtaking homes offer visitors a glimpse backwards in time. These plantations are certainly a must when visiting Louisiana.

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