Wine Wednesday

For us wine lovers, living at or even visiting the beach brings about a few challenges because there isn’t a beach that I know of that allows glass, and for good reason I might add.  So this Wine Wednesday we are providing you a few solutions to enjoy your vino & the beach too.

One of the products that I love, love, love that is all the rage right now are the silicone wine glasses.  Never screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-8-01-31-pmworry again about breaking glass at the beach, or trying to conceal your glass while at the pool.  These glasses are unbreakable and you know the saying, “Have wine will travel, where no glass of wine has gone before.”  Throw these in your purse,  beach bag, backpack, picnic basket, and even your suitcase!  One of my favorite places to purchase these Fabulous glasses is through Uncommon Goods  This is a great company and I am sure you will love their story and what they stand for.  You are just a click away from these fabulous glasses and learning about an amazing company that is changing the face of retail.

What good are these silicone wine glasses at the beach without the wine.  I know, I know, you are going to buy a box of wine.  Well, that might be ok for some, but for others who feel that is committing wine suicide, they need to find another wine-purseoption to get their wine to the beach without the bottle.  Now you should know that we of course have a travelous solution to travel your wine to the beach.  That solution is again from Uncommon Goods and is none other than a Wine Bag.  What could be better to get your wine to the beach than a bag that looks like your work bag?  It has room for your new silicone wine glasses, a few snacks and other necessities.  No one will know that it actually contains your favorite red or white and that you are ready to get your drink on while watching a gorgeous sunset.

Make that sunset a little extra special with these Wine Wednesday travelous finds available at Uncommon Goods  Let us know what you think when you try the finds and share photos with them in your element!!!  Until the next Wine Wednesday, Live Well, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!!