Largest Plane Performs Crab Landing – What???

A fascinating new video has emerged in the last few days of a year-old Emirates Airlines arrival at Manchester Airport in England in which pilots needed to perform a ‘crab landing.’

A crab landing happens in high crosswinds in which the aircraft turns its nose perpendicular and into the wind, but its landing gear stays aligned with the runway.

This video shows an Airbus 380 – the world’s largest passenger plane – coming in for the landing, but it’s not just another “aircraft battles high winds” scenario.

What makes this particular instance so interesting is not only the fact that the A-380 is such a large aircraft, but the footage itself is mesmerizing. From the way the video is shot, the plane seems to fly sideways over rooftops and almost appears to levitate at one point, although it obviously is still traveling at a high rate of speed.

Story & video originally shared on our website