Are You In The Mood Yet?

It is very obvious that pictures are great, they make us smile, bring us happiness, allow us to create a snapshot of that special moment in time and they fall very short at taking us over the edge!!  Videos, on the other hand, leave Nothing to the imagination and will definitely get you in the mood.  They  arouse our curiosity, allow us to feel the moment, and can most definitely take us over the edge!!!

If you haven’t read any of my previous blogs, well, you’re missing out. My passion for Tahiti shines through in a fabulous way.  I have had the privilege of visiting Tahiti and it had such a profound effect on me that it actually brings me to tears thinking back to that special day when I first stepped off the plane in Bora Bora.  For centuries, the Tahitian people have referred to the effect the island has is “Mana“. Mana by definition is the life force and spirit that surrounds and connects all living things. When you read that you might be thinking, “Yeah, ok, whatever”, but it is real and goes so much deeper than that.

You can most definitely See It and it fills you with a feeling of euphoria like you have never experienced before.  You Touch It, and it feels like a magical spell has been cast upon you, you Feel It by the way the Tahitians welcome you and invite you into their world, This is where you can truly witness Peace On Earth,  a secure feeling that doesn’t exist anywhere else.  From the moment you arrive, you will understand why they say their islands are Embraced by Mana.

With that being said let me get you in the mood with some moving videos that will more than send you over the edge!!!

If these doen’t excite your senses, I suggest calling 911 because you’re flatlining!!


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