Dose of Addiction…….Bora Bora

File Jan 12, 12 59 42 PMSome people need a daily cup of joe or five, others need a daily glass of vino aka @klgandhoda.  I need a daily destination with my much needed cab(arnet)!!  “What, you aren’t addicted???”  Well dear friend, let me change that for you.  Everyone needs to be addicted.  Yeah you read that right, I said everyone needs to be addicted!!!!  To TRAVEL that is.

What better way to start each and every day but with an enticing photo of a fabulous destination to which you can escape.File Jan 12, 12 57 31 PM Loose yourself in your own imagination and favorite liquid while embracing the personality of the destination.  Within a few short days you, my dear friend, will be, yes, ADDICTED!!!  You’re going to start needing your “DD” (daily dose) to get through each day!!!
Now grab that cup of necessity and start to experience the loss of all your cares because Today’s addiction is Bora Bora.  Labeled as the most romantic place on earth, Bora Bora screams honeymoon and destination wedding which can steer travelers away unless going there for a monumental trip as opposed to going for a summer vacation.  When I went there; I wasn’t going on a honeymoon, having a monumental anniversary or attending a destination wedding and if I am being honest, it brought tears to my eyes, gave me an expressionless face, and left me feeling a way I have never felt before.  Is the label right? Is it a place that really needs that special romantic occasion to truly be enjoyed?

Not so much!!!  Seeing the  Bora Bora waters for the first time brought me to tears and had an effect on me that other destinations in the past never has and the many destinations in the future are going to have to work hard to live up to.  Granted, this 1027151163971625was my #1 heaven on earth places to visit on my bucket list forever; but nothing prepared me for what I would feel when I got there.   Mesmerized, in aw, speechless, and totally in love.  I was romanced by this small island in a way no man has ever romanced me.  I was transported to a place words can’t even describe.  I had finally found my soulmate.  A place that made me feel secure, giddy, and wanting to experience and share more.  In that moment I realized first hand why the tiny island of Bora Bora is known as the island of romance and that realization has nothing to do with a honeymoon, a wedding or even a significant other.  I could spend months alone in Bora Bora and never once be lonely, feel lost, afraid, or unhappy.  This tiny little island pulls you in, wraps you in it’s beautiful blue waters and whisks you away to places you couldn’t even imagine.(And let me tell you, I have an imagination like no other and even I couldn’t have imagined this!!!)  Enjoy the love story That is Bora Bora…………….

Romantics, you have found your ideal destination. The small island of Bora Bora is only 18 miles in circumference, BoraBora mtbut it’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waters, and the luxurious pampering resorts with overwater bungalows
and thatched roofs we dream of for our ultimate retreats. Add to that scenery the sharply rising Mount Otemanu, which reaches almost 2,400 feet above sea level, and lush tropical slopes and valleys, and you’ve got the closest thing to paradise on earth.

Your resort will be located either on the File Jan 12, 3 21 07 PMsouthern end of the main island or on its own motu (islet in the lagoon). The water is the key to what will keep you active when you want to venture from your lounge chair or spa treatment. The turquoise lagoon surrounded by picture-perfect white sand beaches is your playground for such unique experiences as shark feeding. You stand in the shallow lagoon far enough away but close enough to watch your guides hand-feed the sharks. Explore the lagoon via glass-bottom boat, motorboat or jet ski, or just snorkel from your bungalow or off the beach anywhere on the island. Diving is also big here with marine life galore.

Venture off the coast and to the interior roads on a hike or 4X4 accompanied by a local guide. You’ll be treated to unbelievable overlook views. And be sure to make some time to shop for local1025928977427177 and international original art, Tahitian pearls, perfumes and oils, and precious wood handcrafts.

Most meals will be eaten at your resort, where you’ll be treated to world-class dining, complete with some of the best water views you’re ever going to see. Many of the properties also offer after-dinner Polynesian shows, incorporating the cultural flavor into your stay. Cuisine here is as you would expect — lots of local seafood, fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

Romantic options that can be arranged include a gourmet picnic on a private beach or a sunset cruise with four-course dinner aboard a private catamaran. And of course the ultimate in romance is breakfast by outrigger canoe brought to your overwater bungalow or villa. The flower-decorated canoe brings with it fresh fruits, pastries and juices by a welcoming resort staff member.
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International flights land at Faa’a Airport in Papeete on the island of Tahiti. Flight time is just under eight hours from Los Angeles and about 12 hours from New York’s JFK. Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti’s national carrier

The airport, built on a motu, is accessible only by a short ferry ride to Vaitape. Resort transport is either by private motorboats from the airport operated by some of the luxury resorts, or by shuttle from Vaitape. Public transport on the island is limited. Bicycles are a great way to get around.

Average year-round temperatures is 79° F., with water temperatures averaging 79° F. in the winter and 84° F. during the summer.

Interested in seeing more of the heaven on earth that Bora Bora has to offer take a short trip over to Taylor & Co. Travel to discover the accommodations that are available in Bora Bora.  Connect with me for answers to any additional questions you might have about this amazing destination and watch for additional posts on the traditions, culture, other islands of Tahiti.

**Photo Cred – My Own!!

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