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What I’m Not Talking About…..

is just any ordinary wish list.  I’m talking about the ULTIMATE TRAVEL BUCKET LIST!!  Everyone should have one and if you don’t, well, let me help you out.  

Since I just recently checked off the #1 destination that has been on my bucket list since I was a young girl, the AMAZINGLY FABULOUS

 (photo: my view from my over the water bungalow at Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa).  

BORA BORA, I am feeling very nostalgic and all I want for Christmas is for EVERYONE to have a TRAVEL BUCKET LIST!

If I didn’t believe that everyone should have one prior to going to Bora Bora, I definitely do now. At least once in your lifetime you need to experience those magnificent destinations that take your breath away and leave you speechless.  

Experience the extraordinary with this unique and inspirational collection of places to visit in our Ultimate Travel Wish List for 2016.

These 20 boutique experiences showcase places for nature lovers, romantics, lovers of luxury, active adventurers,

(photo: Matangi Island Divers Paradise)

beach worshippers and arts enthusiasts. They feature some of the most remarkable places to visit that will inspire you to take the road less traveled and see more of the world.

Discover the beauty and people of Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, Laos, Cambodia, Fiji, Tahiti, The Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. These once in a lifetime experiences are for travelers looking for enriching and extraordinary places to visit including swimming with whale sharks, discovering pristine atolls and islands, exploring lush rainforests, and attending the most unique cultural festivals of the world.

Now I’m not saying that your list should be exactly like this, but this will give you a start…….Complete your list, let your imagination flow on those gorgeous azul waters to those much desired exotic places.  When done, send it to me, I would love to see the eclecticness of your list.  I bet you never had a bucket list keeper until now!!! Yes that’s right I want to be your bucket list keeper!! Let’s tackle your list together! Bucket List travel……..LET’S GET YOU THERE!!!

Some Bucket List Inspiration:…….  Just Click!!

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